Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gen Con 2013: Day One

Some quick updates from our first day at the convention:

We arrived last night at 9:30 and headed straight down to the convention hall to get our badges (better than fighting the will call line in the morning).  The line was incredibly fast, the volunteers were fantastic!

Went to see the Wednesday night open house for Wyrd. We arrived a little late and things were starting to wind down. I got to look at Evil Baby Orphanage and Showdown. Both looked good, but not for me right now (M2E is a big enough project at this point). 

Our first event on Thursday was six foot tall* King of Tokyo, was at 10:00 am and I missed it!  I was busy waiting in line for my Malifaux fix. I got my hands on the book, Tara, and the necessary decks (Guild, Neverborn and Outcasts).  That having been said, the line moved very quickly. Cheech grabbed his first ever Malifaux models - Vanessa, the M2E book, a fate deck, and the Outcast faction deck. Thanks to a generous donation earlier of a first edition Viktorias crew, he should be good to go!

We ended up playing King of Tokyo afterwards anyway (regular size). Cheech won the game and got the promo Space Penguin monster as a prize. 

Demoed Warhammer: Discwars at the Fantasy Flight booth, looks like it could be a great game!  You get a decent mass combat feel while still having a smaller game footprint and play time.  There is a great little bluff mechanic along with list-building, and a lot less randomness than I thought at first. Definitely worth a second look when it comes out. 

I tried out the upcoming MERCS dice game.  It was good, but I'm not sold on it.  It mostly just made me interested in researching dice builder games. 

The boys got a little further than tipsy at the Colts Grille, drinking Dragon's Milk from Sun King Brewery.   I've been asked to give a shout-out to Chloe for excellent service.  This place does a great job of catering to gamers during the con.

Tomorrow is the big day, all of our major events!

*as advertised, but the monsters were more like three feet tall.

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