Monday, August 26, 2013

Better Know Your Malifaux 003: Enslaved Nephilim

Tasked with the impossible mission of guarding humanity's Breachside expansion from Malifaux's native population, the Ortegas quickly learned that might alone would not be enough to hold off the Nephilim threat.  No matter how many they brought down, the rapid maturation of the Nephilim ensured that there would always be more right behind them.  The family needed information on the enemy's movements, their tactics, their leadership.

A support Totem through and through, the Enslaved Nephilim has average to low stats in every category with the exception of his remarkably low Wk and lack of a Cg range; That ball and chain is a serious impediment to his mobility.  Thankfully he comes with a built in solution: Shackled allows him to move a nearby friendly model (or even himself) up to six inches towards an ally.  His main attraction is his ability Influence, a low-level version of Perdita's Obey.  Although it is not nearly as effective at targeting enemy models due to it's low Ca, Influence provides a key advantage to the Family, allowing them access to another valuable out-of-activation move or action.  With the Enslaved Nephilim's involuntary support the Family has another tool to either get Francisco or Papa Loco up the field more rapidly, or allow Santiago or Nino to fire off another shot.

Beyond these functions, the Enslaved Nephilim spends more time as a victim than he does victorious.  His melee attack Ball and Chain is laughable and his Peon status ensures that he won't be much help directly when it comes to Schemes.  Black Blood is primarily thematic, as is the Nephilim's lack of Companion - he is not interested in aiding the Ortegas any more than necessary.  Finally, he has Unimpeded, allowing him to move through severe terrain with little effort.

A tragic figure, the Enslaved Nephilim is cursed to aid in the destruction of his own people.  Bound not through promises or coercion, he is a slave to his Master's will through the magic chains he wears.  His bondage compels him to share his knowledge with his tormentors, calling into question the moral character of the Ortegas that they would engage in such a low practice as slavery.

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